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When an individual is involved in a car accident, a few of the many questions that immediately arise include, “What are my legal rights if another driver struck my vehicle?” “What kind of monetary compensation am I entitled to, and how can I make sure I am receiving the proper amount?” As well, an accident victim may ask, “Is my insurance company’s offer fair?”

It is quite difficult to understand the complexities of the laws and procedures that follow a car accident. Many clients settle for lowball insurance settlements, only to regret it later. It is advisable to contact a knowledgeable and experienced car accident attorney to make sure that all matters are properly handled. Attorney Richard Sanders offers a no-cost consultation to discuss your case and to your legal options.

Common Causes of Car Accidents:

  • Driver inattention – texting, talking on cellphone, eating, reaching for CD or other item, fumbling with stereo, talking, smoking cigarette or marijuana, grooming in mirror, turning around to look at baby in back seat, others
  • Driving while intoxicated – driving under the influences of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Violating Georgia Uniform Rules of the Road – disobeying traffic light, improper passing/lane change, following too closely, improper turn in intersection, disobeying stop and yield signs, speeding
  • Mechanical failure – either driver’s vehicle or other vehicle on road, includes blown tires, defective brakes, rollovers
  • Poor weather and roadway conditions – caused by rain, ice, snow, fog, poor visibility, road defects, road debris

If you were involved in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver, it is important to state your observations in your accident report and to discuss this with Attorney Sanders during your case review.

Car Wrecks and Compensation

There are various types of compensation that an accident victim may be entitled to, depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Injured victims may seek compensation for medical expenses, present and future lost income, pain and suffering, car repair or replacement, car rental and more. The families of deceased victims may seek relief in a wrongful death lawsuit. These matters will be fully explained by your attorneys.

Savannah Personal Injury Attorneys

Andrews and Sanders Law Offices provides personalized and individualized attention to their clients. When there are important decisions to be made that affect you, you will be contacted and the matter will be discussed with you. Your phone calls and emails will be promptly answered. Attorney Richard Sanders and Attorney Douglas Andrews are personal injury attorneys with practice areas that include: motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical negligence, occupational injuries, dog bites, product liability, DUI, dram shop cases, wrongful death and more. For a complimentary case review, contact Andrews and Sanders Law Offices at 912-236-3020.

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