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Since our firms founding in 1991, by Attorney Douglas Andrews, our team of Georgia attorneys have been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in Savannah and around the state of Georgia. We’ve handled hundreds of personal injury cases and know that good settlements don’t come as a matter of course; they come from having an experienced attorney fighting ruthlessly for you.

We understand that no amount of money will make this traumatic and life-changing event go away or heal you, but a settlement will provide you with the necessary funds to make ends meet without worrying about how you’ll afford medical care when you’re unable to work, and you may be eligible for funds to cover future medical issues that stem from your injury.

Hospital and insurance company settlements might look attractive at first glance, but to lawyers who work with personal injury victims on a daily basis, we know that their first offer is often far too low. When those at fault are presented with evidence and pressure, they can and will raise their offer. We use our experience with past situations to guide us in helping you determine a fair settlement for your injuries and losses that you’ve experienced.

Our Mission

The main mission of our team as personal injury attorneys is to help our clients face, and overcome, the legal challenges that they are facing. When you don’t even know your rights as a personal injury victim, you lose them if you try to take up the legal battle on your own or with a general practice attorney. We put our decades of legal experience to work for you so that you get the compensation that you deserve.

Experienced Georgia Attorneys On Your Side

Attorney Douglas Andrews and Attorney Richard Sanders, combined, have more than 40 years legal experience. Mr. Andrews has served in the military and in government service. His unique background and education allows him to be a frequent educator to other lawyers, judges and law enforcement officers. Both Richard and Douglas are also frequent guests on WSAV Channel 3’s “Talking Law TV” program.

Work with Andrews and Sanders Law Offices

Our team of dependable, personable and professional attorneys are here for you when you need them. For a free initial consultation, call us to schedule a time to talk with you about your injury and the surrounding circumstances. There may be limitations on how soon after the accident you must make your claim, don’t put this off; call us now!

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